January – Focus On: Health

So, let’s see what we have planned for the month of January.

This month will be, for me, a hiatus: I will start my new job in February but I have left my previous one at the end of December, so I will have an exceptional amount of time on my hands.

The highlight of the month will be (I hope) a 10 days detox retreat in the South of Spain. My goals for the stay are simple and basics: to relax, enjoy the milder weather and kick off my 2015 Weight Loss Campaign.

After that, I’ll be having a not-too-stressful move (again, I hope!) to my new house.

Amidst those two events, I really want to focus on my overall health and keep building some great habits I’ve developed during fall-winter 2014 – nothing fancy, just the usual:

  • green smoothies, or green(ish) juices, at least one a day
  • 30 min exercise, 4 days a week
  • 100% vegan (health supplements excluded – damn you, fishy omega-3s!)
  • light breakfast, full lunch, light dinner

I have yet to figure out a good way to keep track of my activities and habits; someone showed me Day One and I think I could work with that [The same person just blowed my mind with a shared EverNote list, but this is a material for another post, maybe].

To be honest, I haven’t even decided what I want to measure – aside from the classical weight lost/ savings accumulated/ km walked/ etc. This would usually have stressed me out – Perfection! Measure all the things! All or Nothing! – but I’m trying to be a bit cooler about that, and believe that, even If I’m not going to measure everything since Jan 1st, I could start Jan 8th or March 15th, and the Earth will still rotate around the Sun.

To conclude, a picture sent to me this morning, from a *very supporting* friend:



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What 2015 Will Bring

I’m 30 years old. And half. To be precise, today I’m 30 years, 7 months and 20 days old.

I’ve spent the better part of these 30 years (and half) trying to understand what was wrong with me: why I wasn’t happy, why I always felt out of place and out of time.

I think this is a common feeling for my generation. We are extremely self-conscious, but yet, few of us seems to have found a way out of it.

Anyway, the past year I have had some experiences that led to several important realisations. This is why I think that I am finally ready to be happy, to find my place and to live my time.

  • I deserve to be who I am. I have made peace with my blessings and I am not resentful for my flaws anymore.
  • I am the maker of my own happiness. No one is going to take care of it for me – not because they won’t, but because they simply can’t.
  • There is nothing wrong with me. I just function differently from other people.
  • There is nothing wrong with other people as well. They just don’t function the same way I do. And I don’t need to fix them. Well, not all of them.

Those sentences may seems trivial to you. Nothing more insightful than what you can find in any cheap self-help book.

In my opinion, the pivotal moment is when a sentence is not anymore something you have read, but something that just resonate within your mind (and your gut). Especially your gut. Gut is your second brain, and sometimes it’s smarter than your first.

So, what is the purpose of this blog? Why creating a new blog on the verge of 2015? Everybody knows that blogs are dead, killed by Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and that functional analphabetism tool which is Pinterest.

Well, first of all, I’m doing it for myself. I find writing to be therapeutic – and a good excercise for my second language, english. It’s also something I used to do years ago (oh, the roaring 2003-2007!) and enjoyed most of the time.

It’s also more accountable than personal journalism, and guru’s are gone out of their ways to tell us how important accountability is.

And finally, it’s an easy way to stop just bingeing on content, and start creating my own little bit of this marvellous, scary and kaleidoscopic world wide web.

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